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Revive Auto Detailing & Paint Correction is not the company to call when interested in quick, cheap cleaning. At Revive quality and value are the only results produced. The detailing industry is full of misinformation and hype, but our goal is to bring a level 10 service, along with a voice of reason and understanding in the middle of all the noise.

I operate Revive Auto Detailing on the Win/Win concept, that starts by helping you make informed decisions as well as creating a foundation of trust between you and me.

Our Mission:

-Service in a way that delivers trust

-Communicating in a way that builds trust

-Consistency that retains trust

-Superior products that deliver superior results

-Superior techniques that deliver superior value

-Service in a way that interrupts your life as little as possible

When you are ready, call me directly as I promise to be both friendly and professional, and will communicate with you to assess your particular needs and expectations.

Wayne Prince