Modern day engines are designed in such a way that engine detailing is (usually) extremely easy! This is a subject that most people tend to wildly over-think and worry about, so let me explain. Automotive manufactures have went to great lengths to protect their vehicle's engines and electrical components from the elements. As a result, engines today are extremely well protected from things such as water, dust, the elements, etc. Many people believe that no one should ever use water when cleaning an engine, that simply is an irrational fear. I absolutely understand the logic and thought process behind it, however it just isn't an issue in this day and age. It was a potential issue in the '70s  & early '80s, but a non-issue today. So, rest easy.

My Engine Details Include:

Degreasing the entire engine (all under hood areas), as well as degreasing the underside of the hood itself. Then finishing with a layer of dressing on all areas of the engine in order to not only visually enhance it, but also to put a layer of protection down. It's important to detail an engine fairly regularly. It does not need to be done often, for instance, I detail my personal vehicles engine about every 6,000 miles. For the do-it-yourselfers, detailing your engine can be as simple as liberally spraying all under the hood areas with a degreaser, agitating if necessary, and rinsing it off with a hose. Obviously common sense is welcome, so spraying the electrical connectors at point blank range for 5 minutes is probably not a smart idea, but if you're letting common sense lead, engine detailing really does not need to be over-thought. 

Before                                                                                                  After

Before                                                                                                After