For information on WHAT a scratch is, and HOW they form, visit the "information" tab  or click "Scratch Repair." Because of the subjective nature of car paint scratches, there is no one size fits all solution, and there is no one size fits all price, however here are some fairly standard guidelines to help you understand your car's scratches, and how to go about fixing them.


While we consider ourselves very skilled in the world of scratch removal, the answer to this question is simply: "It depends." As a rule we do not do any touch up painting, or repainting of any kind, so depending on the nature of the scratch will tell me if it can be removed.

Here are a few things to look for that will help you see how easy or difficult a scratch will be to remove:

1.  Can you catch your fingernail? When you run your fingernail across the gradient of the scratch, does your fingernail catch? If yes, then the scratch is below the clear coat, and will require "wet sanding" at some level in order for it to be removed completely. This also means that this scratch will take more time and effort to completely remove. For more info on wet sanding, click the "information" tab or click "wet sanding." If no, this scratch may just be a top coat scratch in which case you are in luck! These are very simple to remove.

2.  Can you see metal? If yes, the scratch is extremely deep, in fact, if you can see the metal body of the car, the scratch has gone through both the clear coat and the colored paint. These situations are beyond my scope of practice simply because they require paint touch ups in order to perfect which is a service that we do not provide. 

3.  Does the scratch contain paint or "scuffing" that is not your car's paint color? If the "scratch" contains a scuff or mark that is colored differently than your own car's paint, you may be dealing with something called "transfer," which is when the thing that scratched your car "transfers" its own material onto your car's paint. This is very common when one car rubs against another car's paint. For example: A white car that is rear ended by a black car may have black paint in and around the scratches from the accident, this is very easy to remove, and though it does require a process to remove it correctly, it is nothing to worry about. 


Because car paint scratch removal is so different with every situation, there is no one price fits all, however here are some general guidelines that may help you process through:

1.  Scratch removal is (generally speaking) a more expensive service because it takes time, and a lot of skill to do well.

2.  We will not be able to explain the EXACT measures that will be taken over the phone, simply because we will not know exactly what we will have to do until we’re standing in front of your car.

3.  If wet sanding is required, the price will go up.

4.  A minimum of $50 should be expected if we’re not already detailing your car, this accounts for the SIMPLEST of scratch repairs, and travel time.

5.  We have (in the past) removed scratches for as little as $40, and as much as $400, so again, there is no one size fits all in the scratch removal world.

We know this probably does not narrow the price as much as you may want, so if you need scratch removal, prices will be much more narrow after we have had a phone appointment where we can assess the general condition of the specific scratches you are dealing with. To set up a phone appointment, simply visit the "Contact" page or click on "Inquires" and fill out the form.