Replace or Restore your Headlights?

Most vehicles headlights are covered with a poly-carbonate protective, transparent, plastic lens. These headlight lenses discolor over time, becoming opaque and cloudy, and thus severely restricting the amount of light reaching the road. The clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light that can become a problem in as little as two years. Not only is this unsightly, but can pose a safety hazard as well.

Until recently, the only solution to this problem required replacing the auto headlight lens assemblies at a cost of $600 or more! Luckily, we can now restore headlights to a like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacements. Since replacing headlights can cost hundreds of dollars after installation, restoration is the least expensive way to correct the problem.

Headlight Restoration is a process of removing what is left of the old worn-out coating from the factory and installing a new protective coating.  This process includes a few steps.  The first step is to remove the old coating, and to do this, it needs to be sanded off using a few different grades of sandpaper.  We start with 600 grit sandpaper and finally finish with 3000 grit.  Once that is completed it is time to polish the newly sanded headlight. Then we apply a clear coat of UV protectant.


  • $100 Per Pair

  • $75 per pair (if 'Complete Detail' or any 'Paint Correction' included)