This is more than likely obvious, but smoke removal takes more time, attention, effort, and product to accomplish than an ordinary detailing job. This is simply because the materials on the interior of cars i.e. cloth seats, leather seats, rubbers, carpets, plastics, etc... are perfect landing pads for tar, smoke smells, and everything else that smoking brings. Many detailers attempt to do smoke removal, and while the smell may be gone for a month, it inevitably comes back, leaving customers extremely disappointed. Luckily this is an area where I have done extensive research, and have a lot of experience. I can confidently tell my clients that after we are finished, the smoke smell will not only be removed, but it will never come back! Here is a short overview of the smoke removal process: 

1. Degrease entire interior chemically including carpets, leather, all hard surfaces, windows, seat belts, etc...
2. Steam clean all interior surfaces and materials including vehicles ventilation system
3. Steam and blow out all air vents
4. Degrease & Steam headliner
5. Water extract all cloth and carpet surfaces
6. Treat all cloth and carpeted surfaces with permanent smoke removal solutions                                 7. Ozone Generator treatment

Upon Customers request, a 15 minute air freshener treatment through all air vents to clear out any chemical smells


Because every job is different, there is no one size fits all price for smoke removal jobs. While some people smoke once a week in their cars, others smoke every day, and of course this dramatically changes the process for a detailer like myself when it comes to restoring the car to "before smoke" conditions. In order for you to get a good idea of how much smoke removal will cost, simply look at the starting price for a regular detail for your vehicle by going to the "Pricing" tab  "Complete Detail," and there you will see the starting price for a full detail, interior and exterior, for your vehicle. Then simply add $100 to that starting price, and that will give you a good idea of what a full smoke removal will cost, at least at a minimum in most cases. Again, this is not an exact price, or an exact system, so the price will vary from that slightly, however this is simply to give you a good idea, so that you know what price range you will have to consider. 



Because smoke travels to every area of the car... and I mean EVERY area, there is one problem area that you as the customer will have to address to ensure that the smoke smell does not come back. With smoke blowing through the air vents, and filters, the cabin air filter will desperately need to be replaced. This is simply because it is absolutely coated in tar, nicotine & smoke smell, and even if I as the detailer tear apart your car in order to remove the smoke smell, if the cabin air filter is not replaced, that smoke smell will blow through all of the air vents again, filling the newly detailed car full of that horrible smoke smell yet again. Replacing the cabin air filter is very simple, and can be done quickly and inexpensively at any oil change stop. If you’d prefer us to replace the cabin air filter, we are more than happy to at an additional fee of $35 - $55.