I know there are many, many options when it comes to car care, it can be overwhelming trying to research the "best" option, whatever that may mean. At Revive Auto Detailing I aim to build trust at every level of the process, many of my clients tell me that I actually "over-communicate," but they're very appreciative that I do. My goal is to inform you in every area in which you have questions or concerns, and even in the areas where you really aren't sure what to ask. I have found that the average vehicle owner, for the most part, doesn't know how to ask the right questions in order to get the results that they're looking for. I attempt to break down the wall between being uninformed, and getting what you want. I say this over and over, but my goal is not to separate you from your money. My goal is to ask you the right questions and communicate as thoroughly as I can, so that I can give you exactly what you want, and make a good living while doing it.  


Since I run a mobile auto detailing business, my customers get the convenience of staying home while I come to them. I always like to have a short one on one discussion with any of my new clients in person, even after we have discussed everything over the phone. That way I can look around your vehicle a little bit with you standing there, just in case I need to point out some specific things. I always call the night prior to our appointment, to insure nothing has changed (life happens and sometimes customers may need to reschedule) and we are all set to go. You can expect me to show up when I say I will show up, and I will do exactly what we discussed I will do. I firmly believe an organized work space is a proficient work space. So, I keep my supplies extremely organized so as not to make a mess of your driveway. Upon arrival, the only thing I may need after a few minutes of your time is possibly a water spigot and the location of the nearest electrical outlet (if needed).  I accept cash only from any first time customers. Unfortunately the few have ruined it for the many, and because I do not know my first time customers well enough, I can only accept cash from them. Cash does not bounce. 


I run my business differently than most mobile auto detailers, and I've had many customers tell me that. As I have mentioned before, I run my business with the Win-Win business model in mind. I want my customers to get exactly what they want, and in accomplishing that it will naturally come back around to me as a business owner. I like to pick your brain in order to come to the most reasonable and affordable conclusion for you as a vehicle owner. For example, I have customers who call me and say things like: "My car has never been so dirty," or "Wayne, my car may take you a couple days to detail." One thing that I always tell these customers is: "Running your vehicle through a quick, cheap, touchless car wash before I show up will help maximize your dollar because it will allow me to skip the time consuming "wash and rinse" work, and go straight to detailing. Which is what you want in the first place. It will save me time, and save you money." It's important to know that I do not charge based on the time it takes, but rather based on the results that I can produce. In saying that, obviously exceptional results may take time.

In running a mobile auto detailing business, I want to be the one you call when you want your car detailed correctly, so my goal is to show up and do the best job imaginable. I know as well as anyone that detailers are disposable. If they're not meeting the standard, people will find someone else. My goal is to be absolutely indispensable. In running my mobile auto detailing business, exceptional results are always what I am after.