Advantages of a maintenance plan:


There are several advantages to being on a maintenance detail plan, beginning with the most obvious, it is cheaper! Since the vehicle is detailed on a regular basis, it does not require the same amount of product, effort, and cleaning that a one-time customer's vehicle requires. It is for this reason that a maintenance plan does not cost the same amount as the standard full detail cost.

One thing that I like to tell all of my customers is "Maintenance is better than the cure." This is probably very self explanatory, but most people let their cars collect so much dirt that by the time I show up, it cannot be restored to perfection, or "Like new condition." Just like a regular check up at the doctor's office keeps you from getting sick, and may prevent serious disease, a regular detail on a automobile will keep it in the like new, or showroom condition. Dirt is not allowed to sit for an extended period of time, and therefore does not become a permanent part of the car.

Just like anything else in life, prevention is the key. Regularly cleaning your vehicle's interior and exterior will inevitably extend the life of the car, and intern, increase its value if you decide to trade it in.