Every Car & Situation Is Different:


For the most part, my maintenance detailing rules and prices are very concrete, however there are some variables that exist in different situations. I have some maintenance detail customers who keep their vehicles in such incredible condition that I actually cut them a little bit of a deal in their specific pricing. However, they are also extremely regular customers who understand the value that I bring to the table, and therefore keep me as their number one guy. On the flip side, I have maintenance customers who bring cats, dogs, kids, etc. inside their vehicles which quickly cause it to get very dirty. In cases like these, the maintenance detail price may increase to a certain degree in order to compensate for the extra dirt, equipment, products, and time that I have to provide on the detailing end. This does not happen very often, and is normally limited to maintenance vehicles that I see less often, in other words the maintenance vehicles that I treat every 7 to 8 weeks. Since they aren't maintained as often, and they are hauling around several kids and/or pets, they tend to get much dirtier quicker, but once again, that is not the usual case.

I also have regular clients who do not have kids or pets, and that tends to translate into an extremely clean car pretty much year round, no matter how long it has been since the last time I took care of it. In other words, some of my clients keep their cars so clean that if I come every week or every 6 months, the condition of the car remains the same. Therefore, I do not hold them to the "8 week policy." I will charge those clients the same amount that's charged for a standard monthly maintenance plan. Even though I may only see the car every 3 months, I don't feel like we both win if I charge the full rate, simply because the car is roughly in the same condition as it would be if I saw it every week.

Remember, I run my business on the Win/Win philosophy, and when I leave your driveway, I want us both to be smiling.