About Revive Auto Detailing & Paint Correction

Revive Auto Detailing & Paint Correction LLC is not the company to call when interested in a quick, cheap cleaning. At Revive, quality and value are the only results produced. The auto detailing industry is full of misinformation and hype, but our goal is to bring a level 10 service, along with a voice of reason and understanding in the middle of all the noise.

One of the most important things I learned in the military was paying attention to detail. From life or death situations, to making sure your uniform was above standards during inspections . While auto detailing is not life or death, (thankfully), I learned that paying attention to the details are extremely important in any successful business. After all, it's not called "generalizing". It's all about the details, and going above and beyond a client's expectations.

I operate Revive Auto Detailing on the Win/Win concept that starts by helping you make informed decisions as well as creating a foundation of trust between you and me. My goal is to discuss your expectations and exceed them.

Anyone can make promises; delivering on those promises are what makes or breaks any relationship. Trust is critical to every part of the detailing equation. I have built my business with trust as the foundational principal.
— Wayne Prince

our mission and promise

  • Communicating in a way that builds trust.
  • Service in a way that delivers trust.
  • Consistency that retains trust.
  • Superior products that deliver superior results.
  • Superior techniques that deliver superior value.
  • Service in a way that interrupts your life as little as possible.
  • Service that makes you proud of your car again.

My name is Wayne Prince, owner and operator of Revive Auto Detailing & Paint Correction LLC. When you're ready, call me directly as I promise to be both friendly and professional, and will communicate with you to assess your particular needs and expectations. 

Revive Auto Detailing & Paint Correction LLC is a FULLY INSURED Company

Phone- (636) 231-5456

Email- waynep@reviveautodetailing.com